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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Boatanchor Dreams

Greetings Bill and Fellow Solder Melters,

Back in 1965, I bought a brand new HT-37 from a radio store in Pittsburgh, Pa.
It had been tucked away by the owner for his own personal collection.
He finally softened and sold it to me.  The Hallicrafters HT-37 became by Big Dog for many years.
In 2005, I fell on some difficult times and sold it. I regretted the departure moments after the exchange.
Well, finally after lots of searching, the right unit came along.
Here are a few pictures of my excellent E-bay buy.
I will begin to dig into the electrical status of the rig later this week but the unit seems well cared for and not abused. 
I will keep you posted. It will be happily married to my Drake 2B and Q-Multiplier after it passes muster.Yes fellow hams there are still gems out there for your collections. Just wait for the right buy and then go for it!

73’s  Harv -=WA3EIB=-


Photo by WA4KCY
       I know you would appreciate this. Got an email this morning from a local ham who was getting rid of some "junk" radios, wondered if I or someone else could use them. Once I heard I got over there to pick them up. Among the usual, real junk was a Hammarlund HQ-110C receiver, in the original box and a Johnson Viking Ranger, also in the box. With all the manuals as well. The boxes are showing their age, the Ranger's being not much to look at. I am told neither works and haven't been looked at / turned for at least 20 years. What a find! They are very clean and complete, as far as I can tell.
The plan is to restore them to pristine condition and, hopefully, use them in one of the local museum as a working station.
Mike Herr

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