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Sunday, September 23, 2012

SolderSmoke Podcast #146

SolderSmoke Podcast #146 is available. 
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September 23, 2012

Trip to the Dominican Republic:  Puerto Plata and Samana
Evading Hurricane Isaac
Honda Accord as an emergency generator 
On the air on 75 and 40 AM
17 Meter Azores rig works...THE AZORES! 
Working (STILL!) on 20 meter DSB rig.  Soon to be JBOTed
Building model rocket with Billy
Book review:  "Martian Summer" 
Einstein on staying young
Primo Levi on QRP
HOT IRON:  G3ROO's Regen wins West Country prize 
Commodity Investment Opportunity: SILVER MICA! 
SolderSmoke is on 478 THz in Salt Lake City
WA3EIB's HT-37
Radio-Erotica in Hallicrafters Ad

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