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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Digitizing the Barebones Superhet

I did this for Pete.  And I did it to start out the new year with something different.  And because I needed the crystal for my beloved BITX and didn't want to buy more crystals. 

After successfully broadening the filter in my Barebones Barbados Superhet (originally built by Dale Parfiit W4OP) I decided to replace the VXO with an outboard Arduino/DDS device. Nothing new in that  (I was playing with this back in October), but in what I think is a symbolically significant twist, I pulled out the tuning cap for the VXO and, in the hole left by the tuning control, replaced the knob with a BNC connector.  That connector now carries DDS signals into the receiver.  The crystal was at around 23.125 MHz -- that's why the LCD display is showing 23 MHz.  

It works great.   I was listening to the DX station in Iran this morning.  

Here is a video of the October 2014 experiments: 


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