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Thursday, January 8, 2015

W5RST's Mighty Mite + CQ article on Super Mite

I think Mike's MMM looks fine!   The CQ article he refers to has some very interesting ideas.   Here it is:  http://soldersmoke.com/SuperMite.pdf

Hi Bill (and Pete),

Well, mine is not as pretty as Chuck’s, but I put one together last weekend, too.  Before I added the lowpass filter, the output looked pretty ugly on the scope, but afterwards it was OK.  Mine puts out about 200 mW on 80 M. I’m thinking of trying the power modification from CQ to boost the power a bit (attached):  when you’re competing with W1AW on 3.5815, it can’t hurt! Sorry for the iPhone quality pictures...


Michael McShan W5RST
Oklahoma City, OK

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