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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Who is this earnest young radio amateur?

Name that ham!  Here are his comments:

This is vintage early 1960’s and my call sign at that time was K3???.   One of my favorite rigs was the Johnson Adventurer which I built and had a 6AG7 driving an 807 –50 watts input. On the top shelf near the lamp is the screen grid modulator for the Adventurer. I was in tall clover.
On the bottom opening is a 40M CW transceiver I built it had a 6CX8 MOPA—about 5 watts. The RX was a two tube regen.
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  1. This has to be Pete Juliano. The photo possibly taken in Pittsburgh, Pa area. Both Bill and Pete were DX-100 owners also members of the RCC.

    We have much in common.
    I was WN3EIB in 1965 and WA3EIB in 1966. I was a member of the Rag Chewers and the Breeze Shooters in Pittsburgh back then. I had a Globescout 40A xtmr and a
    Natnl NC-190 receiver. At age 16, I built a one tube 6AQ5A transmitter and still have it on the operating bench today.

    Really Cool - TNX's Harvey WA3EIB

  2. yesss thats legendary Pete ...teeneger in love :) :)


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