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Sunday, January 11, 2015

SolderSmoke Podcast #170 Double A DX-pedition, SI5351, Mighty Mites, Phasing Dreams

SolderSmoke Podcast #170 is available: 


Bill's Double A, DSB, Dipole, Dominican DX-pedition.  
             Living the "How's DX?" Dream
Seeing the Southern Cross with Soviet Binoculars
Pete goes remote 
SI5351 a chip with a lot of potential
Pete's experiments with Nokia LCD displays 
Michigan Mighty Mites around the world
               The Postal Stream Roller
Steve Silverman's very kind variable cap offer
MOXON modeling with EZNEC
Aspirations for 2015

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  1. Sounds like a great trip! I'd love to go some time. I can't understand why people take a trip just to see whales though. Just drive to the local Walmart! There are more whales there than you can shake a stick at!

  2. thank you for everything that you do...73 de 9a3xz,Mikele


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