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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pete's Beautiful Tiny Color Display

Oh man, this is the kind of thing that lures me ever deeper into the digital morass.  That would be hard to do with my beloved discrete analog circuits!    Be sure to note the size (it is sitting on the top from a pill bottle -- you can also look at the pen for a size reference). It is 1.25 inches by 1.25 inches.  Pete has it working with the Si5351 software.  As you can see there is still room at the bottom of the display.  Pete notes that an SWR readout is possible.  And Pete got this device for FIVE BUCKS! 

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  1. wow wow wow...this is not America:)))
    amazing Pete ,bravo !!!9a3xz

  2. Yes, we have arrived at a place in our technology where we can - with some tools, some break-out boards, patience, and time - very nearly duplicate (or in some cases, exceed) the features of a Yaesu FT-897 on your home bench.

  3. Thanks to Pete I have started getting my components together for my next homebrew rig. Probably starting with a single band on 17m. The only delay is waiting for the slow boat from China to bring them all. I can't wait to see some more video and the first part of his article. Will there be a "Let's build something" Yahoogroup Pete?
    Nigel M0NDE
    Somerset SW UK

  4. I agree with Mikele.. that is amazing!! I didn't think it was possible to configure a small display like that a specific application. Great job Pete!

    Walter I7/AC4IM
    San Vito Solar Observatory


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