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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Interview on "QSO TODAY" Podcast with Eric 4Z1UG

Last week I was interviewed by Eric 4Z1UG for his podcast "QSO Today."  I was at first reluctant to do this, simply because of time constraints: I already have difficulty finding the time to record SolderSmoke.  But when I listened to Eric's interview with Wayne Burdick N6KR of Elecraft, and learned that they had been teenage ham radio friends, I wanted in!  Our interview was a lot of fun.  You can listen to it here:
http://www.qsotoday.com/podcasts/n2cqr  or via ITunes.

Please help Eric out by subscribing to his podcast and by linking to his site.   I'm sure he'd appreciate comments on our interview. 

Thanks Eric!  And as Shep would say: EXCELSIOR! 

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1 comment:

  1. Bill, that was a great episode with you!
    thank you,
    Seth KD0SIX


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