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Thursday, July 9, 2015

SolderSmoke Dreams (and Nightmares)

I've just listened to Solder Smoke episodes 168-170 and I'm following your advice.  My Michigan Mighty Mite sits on my desk only lacking the variable capacitor.  I was amazed that I had everything needed in my junk box!  Including a 3.575611 crystal.  
Last night I dreamt that the incomplete breadboarded Mighty Mite was beckoning me.  I walked over to the desk and I had the palpable sense that the Mighty Mite itself wanted to oscillate, as if by arranging the components in this way I created something alive.  I touched the tank and it began oscillating by itself without the variable cap.  The universe seemed complete in that sweet moment.  
When I awoke I attempted to replicate the event unsuccessfully.  haha.  I definitely need a variable capacitor....  
Bryan:   You might be able to make your dream come true with a fixed value cap.  Do you have something of about 150 picofards?    Try that.   It might work.   Or do you have an old transistor radio that could sacrifice its tuning cap?   
I have had similar homebrew dreams.   Well, nightmares mostly.   I dreamed that in a fit of frustration I took ALL the parts off the BITX 17 board.   That was a scary one.   I'll cc Steve Silverman to see if he could help with the variable cap.  
73  Bill

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  1. Try Antique Electronic Supply.

  2. Hopefully Bryan dreamed of his Mighty Mite having a Low Pass filter prior to dreaming about it oscillating!

    We don't want Bryan ending up on a certain person's list. :-)


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