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Saturday, July 18, 2015

SolderSmoke Podcast #178: Anniversaries, ZIA, LBS II, Old Mics, Antenna Dreams, Interviews, MAILBAG

SolderSmoke Podcast #178 is available:


18 July 2015

Pete Juliano -- One year with the podcast
BITX20 -- Ten years of homebrew fun
SolderSmoke Podcast:  Ten years of podcasting

Bench Report:   Pete's ZIA and LBS II
Bill messes around with old microphones

Looking ahead:
Pete plans antennas
Bill lusts after ladder line (spurred on by Farhan's new blog)

On the Air Reports:
Pete on 20 with ZIA and LBSII
Bill having fun on 40 (even with the Spectral Purity Police)
Bill tries rock-bound QRPp.  It is hard.  (Spoiled by QRO BITX luxury)
Bill's verdict:  BITX40 with Yaesu filter, Si5351, and TIA best of the 3 rigs.
Catching Cubesats with Pete's SDR Dongle

Digitizing old paper logs (and finding a lot more HB rigs)
Interviews with Eric 4Z1UG on QSO Today Podcast
FDIM interviews by Bob Crane

Peter Parker's review of DSB kit

Parts from W8NSA
Colin's tuna Tin Mighty Mite
Dean's Tiny Tia
Bryan's MMM dreams
Armand braves the heat at the Manassas Hamfest 

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  1. Bravo Bill and Pete....very interesting conversations.

  2. Another great installment, gentlemen. I listened as while strolling through Cișmigiu Gardens to deliver felafel to my wife's office. Pink feedline spreaders?! For shame! Surely the he-man homebrewer could employ spent shell casings or chunks of mastadon tusk.
    Great laughs and excellent technical insights from you two goofball radio wizards, once again.
    I have Obsessive Antenna Aspirations of my own as I struggle to eke RF from our soviet-era concrete bunker in Central Bucharest, desperately fleeing the "Romanian CIA." All in good fun. Details to follow.
    Very best 73s, Jonathan YO3/W0XO

  3. Good informative podcast once again guys! Funny too! Thanks alot for keepin radio fun. 73's, Erik (kb3vxv)


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