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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Pete Shrinks the Transceiver (Video)

Pete writes:  This video shows the LBS XCVR shrunk down to a mainboard that is 2.5 Inches by 4.5 inches. The board contains the 20 Meter Band Pass Filter, the RxTx Mixer, a TUF-3, two bilateral amplifier stages a 5.185 MHz Homebrew Filter. a TUF-3 PD/BM. The Audio amp stage and the microphone amp. Not built as yet is the bi-directional stage that on receive is the RF amp and on transmit the Tx pre-driver stage. Extensive use of SMD components makes the size reduction possible. The transmit final stages will be on a 2nd board that is stacked on top of the mainboard. An Arduino Pro-Mini does all of the control for the Si5351 VFO/BFO. The final size will be 4X6X2. Oh it also has a color display! http://www.n6qw.com/.

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  1. Would using ADE-1 surface mount mixers make the circuit even more compact? I'd like to get into using SMD/SMT. Perhaps Pete would do an article or talk to help the scared and wary amongst us, myself included take the leap into the unknown?

  2. Three common misconceptions of many new radio home builders:

    [1] Toroidal inductor and transformers are difficult to make
    [2] Measurement ranks unimportant and is only for geeks
    [3] SMT soldering is difficult

    [3] ------------------>

    For a quick SMT soldering primer consider:


    Then search online for the ton of tutorials and videos.

    1 SMT soldering primer from a pro engineer I follow and recommend :


    Drop by our solid state homebrew regen community:


    Thanks Bill, Pete and World


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