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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A "Curiously Strong" Frequency Counter

I got a six digit San Jian frequency counter for use with my BITX20.  I was trying to figure out how to put it in a box and mount it on the rig when I realized that the counter fits almost perfectly in an Altoids tin.  THE RADIO GODS HAVE SPOKEN. 

I found the counter on Amazon.  I use an eight digit version with my BITX17.  But I think the six digit version is better (it fits in an Altoids tin!)

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  1. Hi Bill. 6 digits as shown gets you 10Hz resolution at the expense of overflow (10+MHz) or full freq down to 100Hz. 8 digits would get you full freq to 1Hz. Black area above knob - was that its previous spot? (can't recall)...

    1. Dex: Yeas but I found that I only really needed 100 Hz resolution. There was a lot of wobble at 10 and 1 Hz. It was annoying. In fact, I "turned off" the 10Hz digit with a piece of electrical tape! The black area above the knob is just a piece of Gorilla Tape on which I had affixed some Dymo sticker labels with the frequencies -- old school readout. 73 Bill

  2. Hi Bill,

    That is so cool looking and functional! Next we will have to get you moved up to the 128 X 128 TFT color display. Gentle goading here.

    Pete N6QW


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