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Friday, July 10, 2015

KC2THY's Mighty Mite - A Thing of Beauty


I have been a listener of the Soldersmoke Podcasts for several years now and I have worked my way through most of the back episodes of the podcast. It is terrific production and has taught me so much about radio electronics. I have also read all of your books. Thanks for what you do for this hobby.

Attached is a photo of my recently completed Michigan Mighty Mite.  The FFT function in my scope confirms a good clean signal and it sounds great when I listen to it on another radio. I am sure that the photo depicts one of the worst looking MMMs to date. I built it on a solderless breadboard as I have never built anything using Manhattan or ugly construction techniques. It was a great introduction to very basic homebrew electronics.

Thanks again,
John Stockman, KC2THY
Morristown, NJ

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