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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ed Walker of "The Big Broadcast" at WAMU-FM

Ed Walker, the long-time host of "The Big Broadcast" on WAMU-FM in Washington DC passed away on Sunday night, a few hours after his final broadcast.  I was a regular listener. 

He obviously had an abiding love for radio.  His obituary in the Washington Post notes:

Born blind, Mr. Walker grew up with radio as his constant companion from an early age. By age 8, he was operating a low-power radio transmitter in his family’s basement, beaming music to his neighbors’ houses down the block. He would go on to spend almost all of his adult life involved in the medium in some way, all of it on stations in Washington.

Wow, sounds like he had the Knack.  I wonder if he ever had a ham radio license?

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