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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Peter Parker's New QRP Book

The wizard of Melbourne Beach, Peter Parker VK3YE, has written a book about QRP.    Check it out here.  

Peter is a true QRP guru. His Beach 40 transceiver is shaking the ether from locations around the world.  I am really glad that he put that Melbourne dock on the cover.  That dock has been the test site for many of Peter's amazing creations.  The railing has supported many great antennas.   So many wonderful YouTube videos have been recorded there.  There really should be a plaque or something... 

Peter's book is available as an e-book from Amazon.   Details on how you can get it are here"

Thanks Peter for this important addition to the QRP literature.


  1. The only disappointment is a lack of a print edition; I like to scribble notes in my books. No question about purchasing the Kindle edition though, as I see Peter as a kindred ham spirit and grok his radio ethos. I bought the ebook at work, and now face a five-hour wait before I can see it at home on my Kindle and laptop. Thanks for sharing this Bill; when Peter puts out a print edition, it'll get shelved with the SolderSmoke book and Pat Hawker's "Amatuer Radio Techniques" for ready access.

  2. i will buy this book next mounth ......i like it .

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