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Monday, October 26, 2015

HB2HB! AC9JQ -- N3FJZ on 40 with Homebrew Rigs

On Saturday October 24,  Dean AC9JQ (Indiana)  and Rick N3FJZ (Maryland) made contact on 40 meter SSB using Si5351/TIA BITX rigs.  FB!:


Dean and I made contact.  We both were in and out most of the time, but conditions seemed to improve towards the end where I could understand Dean about 90%.  Using the RST "by the book", I would say he was a 33, 3 =(readable with some difficulty), and signal strength was 3=(weak), and based on what Dean was reporting, my signal back to him was the same - 33.

73 to you both.

Rick - N3FJZ.

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