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Sunday, October 25, 2015

HB2HB! AC9JQ and N2CQR Make Contact on 40 with Homebrew Rigs on Both Sides (with help from N3FJZ/HB)

This weekend brought another HB2HB (Homebrew to Homebrew) contact.   We have been following with interest the 40 meter transceiver project of Dean, AC9JQ.  Above you can watch a video of Dean's rig in action before it went into the box.  Earlier this month Dean achieved a remarkable "Double First" when he made his very first amateur radio contact.  He was using his homebrew rig to do it.  So his first contact was also his first homebrew contact.   FB. More info on Dean's rig and homebrew exploits can be seen here:

This week Dean got a decent 40 meter dipole up in the air.  We arranged (via e-mail) to meet on 40 on Friday evening.  We made contact, but conditions weren't great.  We tried again several times on Saturday, looking for open spots amidst the madness of the CQ WW DX contest.  Rick N3FJZ joined us and also tried to make contact with Dean, but had no luck either.  Daytime conditions didn't allow for a good contact between Indiana and the Washington/Baltimore area where Rick and I are located. 

Finally, last night after family obligations at both ends settled down, Dean and I found a relatively open frequency on 40 and made a good contact.  A short snippet of it can be heard by clicking on the link below.   Keep in mind that Dean was running about 2 watts to a dipole on 40 at night.   


Thanks Dean!  Thanks Rick!


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