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Monday, October 12, 2015

Mikele's Croatian Zia and the N6QW Cult

I was telling Pete that thousands of years from now, archeologists will be puzzled when they find, in many remote corners of the world, strange homebrew electronic devices with the symbol "N6QW" emblazoned on them.  Who, they will ask, was the cult leader N6QW, and how did he get his followers to build these devices? 

Thanks to the work of Mikele 9A3XZ,  Croatia will surely be a major center for research into the N6QW cult.  Check out Mikele's video.  Stick around for the full 6 minutes and you will see the many N6QW rigs that Mikele has built.  FB Mikele!   Keep up the good work!

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  1. thanks Bill and sorry for my english is not good.73 to all guys ,all homebrewers on soldersmoke site ,9a3xz,Mikele

    doctor PETE...thanks man :)))


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