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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hardware Hacking by Nicolas Collins

David Cowhig WA1LBP and I are the only two Foreign Service officers to have also been 73 Magazine "Hambassadors" (impressive, right?).   David was covering Okinawa for 73 (and for Uncle Sam!) while I was doing the same in the Dominican Republic.  

Today David sent me a link to the book "Hardware Hacking" by Nicolas Collins:   http://www.nicolascollins.com/texts/originalhackingmanual.pdf

It is not exactly about ham radio, but there is a lot of electronic wisdom in Mr. Collins' book.  You folks will like it.  I especially liked the hand-drawn schematics -- this adds soul to the book. 

Nicolas Collins is an interesting fellow.  He is Profesor, Department of Sound, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


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  1. I second the reccomendation - this is an excellent book! The first edition of the book was my first dip into electronics. I went from not knowing what resistors were to building a simple modular synth made from cmos. Circuit bending is also a good time. Since then my interests have gone up in freq to RF and I'm currently working on a bitx with si5351 vfo/bfo. Also starting to build a "real" modular in eurorack. Waves are fun regardless of the frequency!

    Keep up the great work with the blog and podcast!

    73 n3bg


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