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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

A 75 Meter AM Quarantine Converter for the Q-31 Receiver (video)

A while back Fred KC5RT sent me a nice collection of parts, including some 6 MHz crystals.  I had been thinking of making a converter to put ahead of my Q-31 receiver.  When Fred's 6 MHz rocks arrived, I knew that The Radio Gods Had Spoken (TRGHS).  

I found some NE602 chips in the junk box.   I used an Altoid-sized box for the case.  The toroids are from W8DIZ.  I use trimmer caps from KC5RT to resonate the input and output circuits.  

Hooray!  Now I can listen to 75 Meter AM on the Q-31.  I may have to build a transmitter to go with this contraption.  

Thanks again Fred. 

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