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Saturday, July 25, 2020

ANOTHER 12AU7 REGEN! W3BBO's Quarantine Receiver

Hi Bill,

I was really impressed with Chuck KE5HPY’s 12AU7 Quarantine Regen!  A very nice build and my hat is off to him!  It caught my eye, as I also built a 12AU7 regen during this period, my first “Hollow-State” unit in sometime. 

It would be interesting to find out what other construction projects fellow hams have involved themselves with during this trying time.

Keep melting solder!
73 de Bob W3BBO


  1. Great job, Bob. My first RX was a Knight Span Master I built when I was 12. Hope all's well with you. 73, Brian K3USC

  2. Great use of wood and copper clad boards. Very clean build. Great job!

  3. Bob - that's a sharp looking receiver. Looks like all metal construction from above. A vernier dial is a good idea. Thanks for your kind comments.


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