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Sunday, July 26, 2020

Alan Wolke W2AEW on IMD, NanoVNA and more (presentation to UK club)

This video is another reminder of how lucky we are to have Alan Wolke W2AEW as a fellow radio amateur, and as a teacher and mentor. 

In this video, Alan is talking to the Denby Dale Amateur Radio Society in Yorkshire, UK. 

The first part of his talk is about IMD products, the importance of 3rd order products, and the benefits of attenuation. 

The second part of the talk (after a few questions) is a look at the NanoVNA, which Alan cites as the "Toy or Tool of the Year."   

I learned a lot from both portions of the presentation.  I now find myself wanting an H4 model of the NanoVNA (bigger screen).  Or maybe even an F model.   Thanks to Alan, I now know what S21 and S11 means. 

Thank you Alan, and thanks to the Denby Dale ARS.  

73  Bill 

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Bill - I'm glad you learned something from the talks!


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