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Friday, July 24, 2020

Radio Schenectady

A while back I posted a picture (see below) of the shortwave dial of an old receiver used by my wife's grandfather.  I noted the odd  presence of 'Schenectady"  among the exotic foreign locations on the dial.  Pete immediately connected the dots by noting that Schenectady was the home of General Electric.  This week Chris Waldrup KD4PBJ sent us a great web site describing the shortwave stations in Schenectady.  Check out the tube that runs 100 kw AM (Big Bertha).  


Chris also sent information about BIG AM broadcast band stations: 

In addition to Schenectady being home to  GE it is the city of license to clear channel AM 50 kW WGY 810.  WGY was started by GE so if the radio was GE it was probably a way to promote their station at the time. I heard mention of Rochester too and that would be for 1180 WHAM another 50 kW clear.  Both WGY and WHAM are still there going strong banging out their 50 kW.

And Pete reminded us of KDKA, describing its long-lasting impact on one of his ears:  

Let us not forget KDKA in Pittsburgh at 1020 which I think is no longer clear channel. I used to listen to KDKA on my crystal set when I went to bed at night. My bed had an exposed bed-spring which was my antenna. To this day there is a slight kink in one of my ears where my Brush headphones rested –I am a side sleeper.

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  1. I pointed out the WGY tower when my wife and I drove through Schenectady a couple years ago. She asked if I'd taken my meds that morning.


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