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Monday, July 27, 2020

Paul Taylor's Quarantine "Summit Prowler 7" and some Radio Archaeology

Paul Taylor VK3HN has really outdone himself in this video (above) and blog post. He describes coming across a somewhat mysterious homebrew SSB exciter with some cryptic markings on it. Paul eventually figures them out.  We still don't know who the builder VK3WAC was -- can anyone find him in their logbooks? 

As Paul goes through the description of the transceiver he built around the mystery exciter, he mentions a number of hombew heroes including Farhan VU2ESE, Peter DK7IH, Eamon EI9GQ (I have to get his book!), and Don W6JL.  Also,  our beloved SSDRA book plays a prominent role in the story. 

Paul's video is really beautiful -- at one point the camera pans the landscape and we see kangaroos in the field.  It is also refreshing  -- as we suffer in the heat of the northern hemisphere summer -- to see Paul and his friends out on the summits in their winter coats and hats.  

It looks to me as if Paul built this rig during the current emergency, so I will list it as a Quarantine rig.  Every dark cloud has a silver lining, and Paul's rig has added a bit of silver to the dark COVID cloud.  Thanks Paul. 



  1. Are you looking for this guy? https://web.acma.gov.au/rrl/client_search.client_lookup?pCLIENT_NO=130378

  2. Thanks Clifford. When I originally searched there was no detail on QRZ.com. Now I see there is and it matches the ACMA client record. I will email Ross to ask him. VK3HN.


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