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Friday, July 17, 2020

SSB Transceivers of the 1960s --- Videos by Mike WU2D

I liked both these videos.  Mike WU2D really does a great job.  He covers a LOT of technology and theory in two videos.  Thanks Mike!  


  1. Enjoyed muchly, just didn't explain the role(s) of the filter and its relationship to the BFO/Carrier Oscillator for Rx selectivity and cutting both carrier and unwanted sideband on Tx.
    1960s was likely too early for phasing (e.g. NZART/Break-In 'Tucker Tin').
    Modern 'kits' e.g. BITX are still 'filter' rigs just like this.
    FB and 73!

    1. That was *remnant* carrier.


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