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Friday, May 27, 2022

"Hobby High" from the Lamarkaan Radio Club and The Hindu magazine


This is a really nice look at hobbies and their role in life. It is very relevant to discussions of The Knack. 

Many of the quotes resonate with me, especially those about how hobbies -- in our case ham radio -- provide an important source of enthusiasm.  I remember an old timer in Rome telling me that at age 85, he jumped out of bed each morning, heading to the radio shack with enthusiasm. 

I'd add that ham radio adds elements of permanence and continuity in our lives. For many of us, we've been working on radios since our early teens.  I have in my shack gear that I've had for almost 50 years! Amidst the vicissitudes of life, it is really nice to have things with this kind of permanence. 

Thanks to Atanu Dasgupta of the Lamakaan Amateur Radio Club of Hyderabad for alerting me to this article.  OM Atanu wrote: 

My friends, acquaintances and members from my extended family often ask me how I spend my time and keep myself busy throughout the day. When I say I pursue a hobby called Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) and I spend more than 8-10 hours in a day for that purpose, I don’t find many takers. Many of them feel that I must be earning handsomely by devoting my energy and time as seriously as pursuing a regular work-from-home regime for some corporate entity. Sometimes even my domestic help express doubts, albeit in a decent manner, about my devotion to something in life without any financial gain and expect a wage-hike for them against my ‘extra earning’. After all how can a hobby (pastime) can keep someone so engrossed physically, mentally - on the computer, over thick books/ magazines , on the work table at the radio shack, on the floor for some odd metal works, on the rooftop with antennas, over the Radio-on-air, over phone etc - without some pecuniary benefits? Recently a brilliant essay by Himani Datar on ‘hobby’ in the Hindu Magazine (https://www.thehindu.com/.../hobby-high/article65375392.ece ) has been very impressive and appears to be a savior to all concerned like me. The essay brings out all in favour of all hobbies and hobbyists and I feel more confident now about my course of engagement on a long-term basis.   

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