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Thursday, May 12, 2022

Old Smoke: SolderSmoke Podcast #166 October 4, 2014

Our friend and loyal long-term SolderSmoke listener Dave Wilcox K8WPE wrote to us, strongly suggesting that we repeat for our listeners SolderSmoke Podcast #166.  Dave wrote: 

I am listening to episode 166 and it is excellent for encouraging newbies who are thinking about starting home brewing.  Please repeat it for those who think the old episodes aren’t that valuable.  So repeat the same episode or redo it.  It’s GOLD!

I think Dave is onto something here.   If anyone else has a favorite podcast from our now VAST archive, please let me know and we will consider reposting it in this under the "Old Smoke" headline.    

Thanks Dave.  Here is #166.

SolderSmoke Podcast 166 is available for download: 


Bench Report:  Pete working on Direct Conversion Receivers.  
Bill on his 2B and on 20DSB rig, and an M0XPD/Kanga DDS kit, and a 140 watt amp. 

Start simple:  Build an oscillator. Make it oscillate!
Gather tools, simple test gear, and books. 
Try to understand what you build. 
Build a direct conversion receiver.  
Don't fear the toroids! 
Be patient.  This is not Plug and Play. 
Build a DSB transceiver. 
Little tips: 
Protect variable caps. 
Use heat sinks. 
Use reverse polarity protection. 
Don't breathe the solder smoke! Ventilate your bench.

China Radio International Mystery Solved.  
Book Recommendation:  "International QRP Collection" by Dobbs and Telenius-Lowe

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