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Sunday, May 8, 2022

The JF3HZB Digital VFO Dial in the DJ7OO Direct Conversion Receiver (Who is JF3HZB?)

Pete was talking about this beautiful Digital VFO dial in the latest podcast.  In response, Klaus sent me an e-mail with links and the video above,  describing how he used the VFO dial in a very cool Direct Conversion receiver project.  TRGHS. 

Here is the web site (you can easily get the English translation by clicking on the UK flag link): 

Thank you Klaus!  And thanks to JF3HZB!  (Does anyone have more information on him?) 


  1. Another version with this simulated analog display on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSxK0jwMZw4
    Links provided to project on Hackster.io and the original display code by JF3HZB

  2. It's pretty and all, but - I just find myself reading the numbers rather than the "dial" portion. I'd prefer to use the space for something else. Signal strength meter maybe?

    1. Field strength indication would be a good idea in general, but when using direct conversion into audio, there is a problem with obtaining any kind of criteria for field strength ... Any ideas for possible solutions are welcome


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