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Saturday, May 14, 2022

Mr. Carlson's Grand Receiver Restoration Project -- Your Input Sought (video)

Mr. Carlson (VE7ZWZ) is launching a series of videos on the restoration of some old boatanchor receivers.  I have been working on an old HQ-100, so this all resonates well with me. 

He asked for viewer input on which of these receivers he should work on first.  I voted for the SP-600 because I wanted to see how difficult it really is to change out the infamous Black Beauty capacitors.  My second choice was the R-390, but I warned Mr. Carlson that he might need a chassis crane for that one.  No kidding.  Really.   

I look forward to watching the series.  Thanks in advance Mr. Carlson. 


  1. I left a vote for the BC348, cuz I have one. But Bill, even though the R390A is a tank, it is relatively easy to work on due to it's modular construction. Just pulling the power supply module removes about 20 lbs! And if you're really serious you can fashion some extender cables or test cables so you can run the modules separately on the bench. And if you really get stuck you can always find a replacement module or send it out for repair.

  2. Are either of you going to be ar Hamvention? Any chance I can score a few IBEW stickers there.

  3. I am about to begin a restoration of an HQ-170A - which was the receiver my dad, Vic, W6MYE now SK used when I was growing up. I fondly remember spinning the dials and basking in the warm glow. So, I guess my vote will be for the Hammarlund as well!

  4. This series will be amazing. But I’d really like to see a period amateur receiver in the mix as well for a head to head. Like a 2B. Especially like a 2B. Many (but obviously not all) of the advantages of those behemoths are stability and reliability related. It would be cool to find that a 2B could given them a run for their money! And a little disappointed to see the ubiquitous 51J series missing from the mix. Ka9p


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