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Friday, May 6, 2022

Working On My Old Hammarlund HQ-100 (Part 1)

I like this old receiver, with all its shortcomings.  I picked it up in the Dominican Republic in 1993 or 1994.  I've been using it on AM with my K2ZA DX-100.   It needed some contact cleaner, and I took the opportunity to work on a few of the circuits that were getting kind of decrepit. 

I came to a new understanding of -- and appreciation for -- the Q-multiplier.

While of similar vintage, this receiver is MUCH nicer than the Hallicrafters S-38E: 
S-38E 1957-61 $54.95 5 tubes.  AC/DC, kind of flimsy. 
HQ-100 1956-60 $169  10 or 11 tubes.  Power supply,  regulator,  much sturdier construction
You get what you pay for.   

 In Part II I'll show you how this thing sounds and what it is like to use it for SWL, CW, SSB and AM. 

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