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Monday, October 12, 2009

RSGB Convention... via Skype

The fellows running the RSGB convention asked me to come up to the UK and speak at this year's event. I couldn't make the trip, but we decided to try to set up a virtual appearance via Skype video. Brian, G8OSN, put it all together, and the link worked like a charm. It was really a lot of fun, and I didn't have to be away from the family.
As noted below, you can see a video of one version of my talk by clicking on the video links off to the sides of this blog page. Thanks again to RSGB, and especially to Brian, for giving me the chance to do this.


  1. We also did this for my presentation on grounding at last years Hamcom. I got stuck here in Dubai and we used Skype to avoid canceling my talk in Plano, Texas. It worked quite well. I heartily recommend it for conference organizers.

    Ron, AG5RS and A65BQ

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  3. Speaking of the RSGB, the 10th edition of their Radio Communication Handbook will soon be "on the shelves" at the ARRL!


    73 DE N3JIM


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