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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Box Filled with DDS

I put this in a box this morning.  Arduino + AD9850 shield by Paul M0XPD and Kanga UK.  Code by AD7C.  One stage amplifier by Pete Juliano N6QW.    Useful as a VFO or a sig generator.  Thanks to all involved.

Note the cool translucent feet!

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  1. Where do you put the Tubes?? and Analog parts?? and what are you ordering breakfast??? LOL It looks great Bill...

  2. I also used the code by AD7C. When I put a picture of mine on Twitter a while ago I got a comment back saying "The 'h' in Mhz should be uppercase". Factually correct I think but I can't be bothered to open up the box to re-program it.

    It's the soul in this particular machine!

  3. I would have responded by changing it MC/S if there is enough room on the line.

    Bill - which buffer output circuit did you choose?

  4. Can you please post the links for the code and buffer amp?


  5. Richard, AD&C's code is available here. There is a version that allows for IF offset:
    Pete's output amp is here: http://soldersmoke.blogspot.com/2014/11/dds-amplifier.html


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