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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Vienna Wireless Winterfest

I had a good time at the Vienna Wireless Hamfest today.  I met up with Armand, WA1UQO, and we went through the hamfest together.   Here is what I picked up (and why):
Crystal Radio Kit (for my nephew Sebastian)

Homemade Solar Panel (because someone had taken the trouble to put this together )
Milliammeter Meter (because it was connected to the solar panel)

Drake Dynamic Microphone (because it is Drake)
A bunch of BNC connector cables (always useful)

Copper clad boards (thinking of the next rig)

A bunch of RG-174 coax (Belden is usually better, but sometimes you need flexibility)

Lots of Ferrite Beads (because of my recent suffering with oscillations)

A bag full of relays (I like relays)

10 100 ohm pots (great for balanced modulators)

Big copper ground stake and straps (because I need to reform in this area).

An ugly old tube type receiver (because I had a 5 dollar bill in my hand when the lady said "5 bucks!")  I tried to give this to Armand, but he wouldn't take it.

Some connectors for Arduino projects (I'm trying not to be a total Luddite).

Armand gave me three very nice crystal filters.   Thanks Armand!

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