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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hank's New Rig

Pete, Bill:
Applied power to the 6C4 / 5763 transmitter for the first time today. I made RF. No smoke was released to the wild. Only issue is the load air variable cap is fully meshed at full capacitance and still not getting the dip on it. Need to root in the junque box for a 220 or 330pF silver mica and wire that in across the load cap. 
    As it is its putting out 2w. Listening on a general coverage receiver I'm not hearing any chirp or drift. Will build a low pass filter and have to interface in the power supply. Still have a few details to do such as labeling the controls but for the most part I just built a transmitter from scratch. Happy day at the workbench.
    Another fix is to redo the coax from the RX / TX switch. Didn't have any RG174 so I just grabbed a clipping of RG8X had laying around. Ugly but got the job done.   
    Thanks for all the help and encouragement. 
Till later
Hank Ellis K5HDE

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