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Monday, March 2, 2015

Patrick, F6AWY, The SSB Carpenter (Homebrew Hero)

There he is:  Patrick, F6AWY, the builder of the beautiful wooden-case SSB transceiver featured here two days ago.   Born in 1945, Patrick has been melting solder since age 15. This picture made me think that there must be some connection between string instruments and homebrew genius:  Farhan plays guitar.   So does Pete Juliano.  I think it was Rick Campbell who was strumming the banjo at FDIM...  More about Patrick here:  http://www.araccma.com/f6awy-p821004 

Here is another of Patrick's projects.   He completely rebuilt an old Geloso AM transmitter.   Note the  markings on the front panel.  Signed with a dash of F6AWY panache! 
More about this project here:

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