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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tony's Mighty Mite (Escape from the DARK SIDE!)

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the crystal for the mighty mite. I have been pretty busy of
late, but got a few minutes to take a first stab at a build. I am an
electronics neophyte, but learning every day. I am a convert from the
software darkside - software engineer by trade - and enjoying every time
I succeed in getting something to work! I am glad that the circuit is
forgiving because I grabbed what I had at hand to make it and it ain't
pretty by any means, but I have included a photo of the build as was the
deal and also a snapshot of proof of oscillation from my oscilloscope.
I'll do it up right soon and try connecting it to my arduino to send
some morse code out to the ether. Send you more pics when I make it
pretty :)

Thanks again - 73, AK4ZF
Tony Cekolin

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