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Friday, March 20, 2015

American Radio History Site -- Lots of Radio Magazines

Hi Bill,

I wanted to leave you feedback on your podcast.

I love it!  Keep it up.  I travel quite often in my work and listen to
all your podcasts.

Since my early teens in the late 70's I started subscribing to
electronic magazines (which I have still keep all every issue).  I just
found a site that has all the old electronic magazines scanned and
posted for all to read.  What a resource!
It has all the old Popular
Electronic Magazines, Radio Electronic Magazines, Modern Electronics,
Electronics Illustrated, etc, in pdf format. Information from the turn
of the century ...  Wow.  Back when radio hobbyists made their own
chassis for their valve radios.  Just google American Radio History and
it will be a top link.  You might want to share this link with your
friends, and listeners.

I have purchased your Soldersmoke book from Lulu -- Thumbs  up!! Great Book.

Thanks again for sharing your experience with radio and the knack.

Greg Self
I have always called  kluge -  KLOO-guh ..  and I don't know why. ;)

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1 comment:

  1. Some additional Amatuer Radio magazine archives

    Full run of 73 Magazine

    World Radio OnLine and HamMag

    Several French Language magazines mostly related to QRP and homebrew.
    Most of the newer are in a format that allows you to cut and paste text into google translate


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