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Thursday, January 19, 2017

AB1YK's FB "Al Fresco" Scratch-Built BITX 20

Mike AB1YK built this very nice BITX20.  On a board, al fresco.  Very nice.  He provides a good write up here:


I feel obligated to defend his poor analog VFO.  Mike -- that oscillator never had a chance OM!   You need to nail that coil and that capacitor down!   You threw in the towel and went over to the dark side way too fast.  Go back and get that VFO stable. 

Similarly, I'd say it is time to put away the keyboard and get out the microphone. This is a 20 meter phone rig after all.  Allow it to send your dulcet tones across the seas!

But seriously, great job Mike.  There are very few scratch-built homebrew SSB rigs on the air these days.  Congratulations OM.


  1. FB Mike! Congratulations on a job well done!

    73 - Steve N8NM

  2. Great job Mike.kudos getting your rig on Soldersmoke and Nashua radio club name out there! We've got some great talent there and is great to see the recognition. Love the show Bill keep it up OM
    -Jim K1BRM


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