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Friday, June 16, 2017

KI6SN's 89-Cent Project Box Chassis

Eric 4Z1UG had a great "QSO Today" interview with Richard Fisher KI6SN.  Richard mentioned his method for making project boxes.  The commercial versions are getting very expensive, and the used ones are now hard-to-find at hamfests.  So use Richard's technique to roll your own! 

Details here: http://arsqrp.blogspot.co.il/2016/03/the-89-cent-homebrew-metal-project-box.html

FB.  Thanks Eric.  Thanks Richard.


  1. Old computer cases could be folded in a similar way and I must try!

  2. That's the way I roll mine. A good investment is a small bending brake (abt $40 at Harbor Freight) - this allows you to make your corners as perfectly square as an expensive pre-fab chassis.

  3. Computer power supply cases, a bit of circuit board covers the holes. Various set top boxes provide medium size boxes, again you may need to supply a front panel. VCR and dvd players. At this point audio cassette decks. Lots of choices, though maybe not for small projects. Some if these will have power supplies on separate boards, or if old enough, transformers that may be suitable for the new project.


  4. Anybody getting Arabic after the text from that URL? Google Translate (Online only handles one paragraph at a time) says it's advertising.

  5. Great idea and inexpensive too.

    Thanks for sharing......


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