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Friday, June 23, 2017

The Possible Inspirations behind "Juliano Blue"

Close in color don't you think?  Dave Ishmael WA6VVL noted the NC-270 receiver's color was "Cosmic Blue."  Indeed, National noted the unusual color ("outstandingly different") in its advertising.  This now-rare receiver was produced between 1960 and 1964, so it could have influenced Pete.  Of course, the CK-722's color could also have played a role...   

BTW, shouldn't we ask Pete to get out his guitar and give us some "Juliano Blues"?  We need some music to go with the paint.


  1. If the CK722 was indeed the inspiration, a quick visit to the CK722 Museum (http://www.ck722museum.com/) suggests that we might just as easily ended up with Juliano Black or Juliano Silver (http://ck722museum.com/page5.html).

    Larry K8MU

  2. When I first saw Pete's proclivity toward that blue I immediately thought of Tektronix. Tektronix has had a similar shade of blue on and in all of their equipment for quite a while.

    Jim N8CAH

  3. Occam's Razor says he had some left over in a can in the garage.....

  4. Michael is absolutely spot on. But since I used to be in marketing -- saying you have left over paint is not as exciting as saying you have a trademark color.

    Pete N6QW

  5. Now that I have ruined it for everybody, I can fix it. Just what exactly did he need a small amount of blue paint for so the he had that much left over for all these radios? CK722 clones?


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