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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Philmore Fixed Crystal Detector

I was at the Manassas, Virginia hamfest on Sunday.  An old timer had a box of crystals for sale.  It was obviously the kind of "box of rocks" that many of us have in the shack.  There was a very wide variety of crystal packages in there, perhaps the widest range of possible styles.  In  among the modern computer crystals and WW II FT243s, I found one from the earliest days of broadcast radio.  The Philmore Fixed Crystal Detector is really just a chunk of galena with a phosphor bronze cat whisker held in place by a spring. Philmore apparently went ahead and found a "sweet spot" for you. 

N2HTT was working with on of these last year: https://n2htt.net/2016/01/17/a-complete-digression/

Of course, I liked the New York City connection.

I will see if this old thing still inhales.

1 comment:

  1. Wow what find! In the late 1940's the supplier of choice for these type of detector's was Leslie Hulett of Lakehurst NJ. The Philmore was a giant leap over the catwhisker and chunk of Galena. What fun.

    73's Pete N6QW


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