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Sunday, June 4, 2017

LTSpice .asc file for the Organic Chip NE602 Rig

A link to the .asc LTSpice file for the NE602 rig  appears below.   Perhaps some brave soul  more skilled in LTSpice than I am might want to turn this drawing into a real simulation.  Some of the parts (like the NE602s) have actual simulated components behind the drawings.  Others (like the relays and the LM741 and LM386) are just drawings.  But go ahead and flesh this thing out.  Who knows, it might come to life in the PC and start making QSOs on 40!

Here is the .asc file:  http://soldersmoke.com/NE602 Rig.asc


  1. Here is link to LTSpice models for NE602/612 http://ltwiki.org/files/LTspiceIV/examples/LtSpicePlus/Rf/SA612%20LTSpice%20Model%20Rev%2004/

  2. I have used it, while it works i found it less than useful.

  3. I used W3JDR's. You can see it here:
    Go to the LTSpice model page under RESOURCES. I have these in the LTSpice Schematic of the NE602 Rig.


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