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Monday, June 5, 2017

KM4FNQ's FB Michigan Might Mite


transistor: 2n2219a metal can with homemade aluminum heat sink
resistors: 27 ohm 2w 5% metal oxide; 10k ohm 1/4w 5% carbon film
polyvaricon capacitor: from an old am radio 9pf to 149pf
capacitor: 0.047uf polyester film (473)
coil: 1.25in. pill bottle with electric motor magnet wire: 0.017in.
       primary: 45t, tap: 15t, secondary: 6t
crystal: hc49/u 3.57 mhz

key: momentary-on switch from radio shack going-out-of-business sale
board: fr4 1oz copper, 3inx4in
pads: me-squares from qrpme.com
dummy load: six 300 ohm 3w metal film resistors

next step: low pass filter.
73 de Ken  KM4FNQ

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