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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Boat Knack -- Rebuilding a 1910 yacht "Tally Ho"


I present this as part of our occasional series on people with other kinds of Knack.  The young Englishman in this series of videos is definitely in this category.  Watch him acquire the 1910 yacht "Tally Ho" for 1 pound sterling, transport it to Washington state,  SINGLE HANDEDLY  build a boat shed around the huge vessel, and carry out the restoration.  Oh yea, all the while shooting videos of his work. Great stuff.  

I advise you to watch the series from the beginning.   The next video in the series will load automatically. 

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Thanks to Ryan Flowers of https://miscdotgeek.com/ for alerting us to this. 


  1. came across this series looking for a simple sailboat to build and have enjoyed the series quite a bit and he does a real good job explaining everything!! oh and I have certainly enjoyed your blog / podcast for quite a few years keep it going !!
    Chad K4KHC

  2. Not only does Leo have the knack, but so does the sawmill owner in episode 19. That guy is a genius with his Rube Goldberg horizontal bandsaw he made from an assortment of fork lifts, trucks, tractors, etc. for cutting Southern Live Oak. He's also quite the character. Gil NN4CW


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