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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

N3FJZ's Al Fresco. BITX-inspired, TIA. 50 Watt, SSB Rig (Video)

The last blog postings on Rick N3FJZ were in 2015.  Rick sent me a very uplifting reception report, then we had a pretty amazing Homebrew-to-Homebrew contact.  

Paul Taylor VK3HN yesterday alerted me to a new YouTube video that shows the progress Rick has made with his homebrew SSB rig.   

This is a great example of true amateur SSB construction.  Rick is making use of a combination of digital and analog technology.  He is adapting circuitry developed by others and using it to meet his needs.  During the development stage he is keeping the circuit open (Al Fresco) so that he can easily work on it.  

FB Rick.  

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