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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

For Inspiration and Education: Dean's Radio Blog (with video)

Be sure to check out the blog of Dean KK4DAS.   He is a new homebrewer who is having great success with one of Pete Juliano's ingenious SSB designs. Dean has a video of his receiver working -- AL FRESCO -- as construction on the full transceiver proceeds.   

This is amazing.   Just a short time ago Dean was taking his first steps as a homebrewer with his version of the Michigan Mighty Mite.  He has followed the advice of the Tribal Wizards and has proceeded slowly, step by step, stage by stage, gaining the experience that has allowed him to actually build a superhet receiver and be on the verge of completing a full SSB transceiver. 

Lots of inspiration to be found on Dean's blog.   Check it out: 


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