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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Will, KF4IZE's Beautiful Boatanchors

Wow, check out the paint job on that SP-600.  Nice work Will.  Hammarlund should have done it that way.  And I should have kept the one I had years ago.  I would have painted mine that way.  

And my DX-100 (given to me by John K2ZA) has similar vernier reduction drives. 

I run into Will KF4FZE fairly often on 40 meters.  He and I were in the same (very cool) part of the U.S. Army (in different times).  Will is retired but he still works at Ft. Bragg. 

I heard Will on 40 SSB yesterday afternoon.  I was listening with my HRO dial receiver (that I am now working on).  I shot quick video: 

Will was on a Swan Cygnet 270 that he had recently picked up on e-bay.  

More on Will KF4IZE here: https://www.qrz.com/lookup/d/kf4ize

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