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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Quarantine Rig: VK3YE Resurrects an Old BITX Project

I think we should start calling these "Quarantine Rigs."  Many of us are pulling off the shelves rigs that we started a while back but then put aside.  Now, with the pandemic,  we have the time (and the need!) to work on them.  

I like Peter's BITX receiver video, especially the part in the beginning where he wipes the grime and oxidation off the long-neglected copper-clad board.  

Follow Peter's lead:   Pull those old projects off the shelf.  Get them going.  Now is the time.  SITS!  Melt solder and flatten the curve. 

Thanks Peter.     


  1. I wish I could. I already worked from home before this began. Nothing has changed for me. I have less time than ever, it seems!

  2. If you clean the board real well, spraying it with clear Krylon keeps boards looking new. I never had problems soldering after I sprayed a blank board with Krylon.


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