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Monday, March 23, 2020

COVID-19 -- StayInTheShack ("SITS") -- Our Contribution to Flattening the Curve

Early in the COVID-19 Emergency, I saw this inspiring picture of Dick Dillman W6AWO.  Dick had placed a caption under the picture:  "I've moved to the command bunker and will be staying here for the duration." That's the spirit OM!  That is what we as radio amateurs should be trying to do at this point.  That is how we can help flatten the curve and slow the transmission of the virus. 

I guess we could call this  #SITS:  Stay-In-The-Shack.   For many of us this is really not much of a sacrifice -- this is what we mostly wanted to do anyway.  And we have people to talk to (on the air).

So... Follow OM Dillman's lead.  FLATTEN THE CURVE!  STAY IN THE SHACK!  

73 and take care. 

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