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Tuesday, January 17, 2023

A True Measure of a Jean Shepherd Fan: Did You Fly One of His Ornithopters?


I did.  Shep had as a sponsor the maker of a flying bird.  It was a wind-up ornithopter powered by a rubber band.  It was kind of like the one in the picture, but I remember mine as being yellow.  My dad got it for me after hearing Shep talk about it on his program.  Wow, what a sponsor!  Shep must have made DOZENS of dollars from that deal! 

It looks like Shep was pitching this thing in 1972, which was my first year in high school.   

It took some coaxing and adjustment, but it did fly. 

My thinking about this was prompted by an article on Hack-A-Day:  

(I want to hear that program about the wedding on 75!)


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